We hold contracts with the majority of steam ship lines, in order to offer you a wide-ranging portfolio of lanes, transit times, guaranteed capacity and space, and quality of service you’ll need to grow your business.

We offer:
Weekly NVOCC Consolidations form the USA to Latin America and the Caribbean.
Door-to-door service for FCL, LCL, RORO, and Break Bulk.
Complementary LCL service to Europe and Asia.
Management of special projects.

Our vertical markets:
Automotive Industry.
Chemicals and Resins.
Telecommunication Equipment.
Commodities and raw materials.
Retail Goods.
Building materials.


Interworld Freight offers you reliable air freight services for all your high priority consignments.

We have daily-consolidated shipments to Latin America and the Caribbean, along with daily flights to Europe and Asia.

Our airfreight services include:
Dangerous goods shipments.
Oversized and overweight shipments.
Transhipments services.

Delivery Options include:
Door-to-Door excluding duties/taxes. (DDU)
Door-to-Door including duties/taxes. (DDP)


In order to satisfy your domestic transportation needs, we at Interworld Freight have at your disposal a diverse set of options for the movement, distribution, and management of all your shipments.  

Our Domestic Transportation Services Include:

Comprehensive Services (FTL, LTL, Intermodal, FCL, & Project Cargo)
Quick Quotes.
Safe and insured transportation.
Management of all kinds of merchandise.
Container drayage services.
Courier service and parcels shipments.


Interworld Freight counts on 65,000 sqft of personally owned warehousing to offer services such as the following:

Consolidations, Buyers Consols.
BEC and CFS warehousing.
Handling of dangerous goods, oversized and overweight shipments.
Repackaging, Palletazing, and Crating.
Inventory Management.

We count on special partnerships with many different CFS warehouses throughout the United States, which allows us to offer consolidation services and of merchandise in many major cities like NY, HOU, CHI, LAX, MIA, etc.


Expert advisors that can offer you the necessary direction to handle your import and export procedures, according to the required laws of each country, accompany all of our international freight services.

For this reason, in import and export services we currently offer to our customers:

• Customs brokerage for nationalization of loads.
• Declaration of export (SED).
• Validation of loads in transit (BONDED).
• Guides release (Doc Release).
• Guides filing (ISF Filing) for obtaining permits.



The trucking industry will face during years problems in the recruitment and retentions due to the increased federal and state regulations, competitive job market and time away from home.

The new regulation such as the Electronic login Device (ELD) demands that every truck installs in-cab a device, the cost to do it, persuades some owner operators to leave the industry. Also,  By January 2020, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) plans to implement an online database that will allow agency, commercial motor vehicle employers, state driver licensing agencies and law enforcement officials to identify – “in real-time” – commercial driver’s license (CDL) holders who have violated federal drug and alcohol testing program requirements. California is putting pressure on port drivers with unsettled traffic violations or court judgments. “If you continue to do business with a trucker on that list, you will be held accountable,” Jarred Winkel, (commercial general manager for Schneider Port Logistics) warned the shippers.

By 2027, as many as 900,000 new drivers will be needed as more aging truckers leave the industry. The average age of the current truck drive pool in the U.S. is 55 years old, with the average retirement age at 63 years old, but the main point is that nowadays it is much harder to find young people interested in the trucking industry. Jobs closer to home attract many young people who would have otherwise considered truck driving as an occupation.

Winkel said resolving the U.S. truck driving shortage will take an industry-wide effort, which includes discussions on offering prospective drivers more attractive pay. “We have to be an industry of choice.” “Given the broad coalition of interests backing this measure, there is growing understanding across the country that the impact of this issue reaches far beyond just trucking and commercial vehicles,” said Chris Spear, ATA’s president and CEO, in a statement at the time. “It is a strain on the entire supply chain, from the manufacturers and producers on down to retail and the end consumer, who will see higher prices at the store.”

The so-called DRIVE Safe Act from the coalition of interests would look for the way to allow certified CDL(Commercial Driver's License)  holders already permitted to drive intrastate the opportunity to participate in a rigorous apprenticeship program designed to help them master interstate driving, while also promoting enhanced safety training for emerging members of the workforce. As a result, they will increase the national wide trucking offer.

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